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We have been gratefully trusted to mind hundreds of cats over the past 12 years.

Our guiding philosophy is more than just minding. Choosing Wicklow Pet Hotel Cattery is the beginning of a relationship between us and your cat, and you and us.

Cats get to know us more every time they come to stay. Cats who were fearful and nervous at first become calm and curious.

They are happy to be petted and often become as affectionate with us as they are at home with you.

We know that it’s best to allow cats to settle in at their own pace, building confidence as we provide gentle encouragement.

The same daily routine, the same people looking after them, healthy tasty food and lots of outdoor stimulation combine to make our cattery at Wicklow Pet Hotel a happy, healthy place for cats to stay.

Along with content cats we post the best of our cat photos on social media once or twice a week and are available to chat if you have any concerns. 

Our cattery consists of two accommodation options: our standard suites housed in two buildings of five suites each, or our 5* luxury cabins. All our suites and cabins were developed with access to the outdoors in mind. We believe that it’s important for cats to have access to their own secure outdoor space as well as a warm, comfortable indoor sleeping area.

In addition, cats staying at Wicklow Pet Hotel enjoy use our fabulous large cat garden, climbing tree and obstacle course.

Only cats from the same household are ever mixed during their stay.

The cattery is completely separate to the dog areas, with separate entrances. While your cat may hear barking for a few minutes in the distance when the dogs are out for playtime, they will not see them.


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