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Our 5*Cabins are our most spacious and luxurious accommodation for cats, with extra-large bedrooms and gardens. The bedroom has several raised sleeping areas. Each one has a cosy hideaway cubby for the cat who may like some privacy when they first arrive. Each cabin has at least two windows, making them light and airy. Duvets, igloos and soft fleece blankets are all provided, as are cushions, curtains and cat inspired artwork. Classical music is played throughout the day which has been shown to have a calming effect on animals and humans alike.

Each 5* Cabin has its own secure garden accessed through a cat flap which remains open all the time, allowing your cat the freedom to go in or out at their leisure. The garden is an interactive playground for cats, with ladders, branches, logs and several raised platforms for catnapping, playing or watching the world go by.

All indoor sleeping areas are heated 24 hours per day during the colder months and just at night during the warmer months.

We use wood pellets in our litter trays which are 100% biodegradable and therefore, better for the environment than other litters.

Royal Canin dry food is included in the price of your cat’s stay. We use Exigent Savour Sensation for fussy eaters.

Fresh, clean water is always on hand and of course, cuddles, pets and friendly banter come as standard.

You can keep up to date with your cat’s stay through our regular social media posts.

Each garden allows a view into one or two of the other gardens but they are separated by a separate grassed area so that cats can chat to their neighbours but are not close enough to feel threatened or uncomfortable. The 5* cabins and garden are nestled under trees and hedging. Lots of birds nest in the area, providing live action entertainment.

We currently have four 5*cabins. They do book up very quickly, as they are a firm favourite with lots of our regular kitty guests.

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