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Royal Canin dry food is included in the price for all cats boarding. We use Exigent Savour Sensation for fussy eaters. This is, in our experience, the most popular flavour of Royal Canin’s dry foods. If you would like to bring your cat’s own food, that’s no problem. If you are bringing your own dry food please bring enough in a bag or container for their stay. If you have a measuring cup/container you would like us to use you can include it with the food. You do not need to bring your cat’s food or water bowls, however.  We have plenty here and they are washed in a dishwasher after each feed.

If your cat eats moist food please bring whatever particular food your cats likes. As cats have such varying tastes it works better if people bring their cat’s first choice.
If you prefer, we provide a selection of gourmet moist cat food and treats to choose from. These are available in our reception area. We will then add the selection onto your bill. We will also let you know which ones your cat liked best.

If you prepare raw or cooked meat or fish at home for your cat please feel free to bring that with you, separated into portions. We can store it in the fridge or freezer and give your cat a portion or two each day as required.

Prescription Food

If your cat is taking a veterinary prescribed cat food please be sure to bring enough with you for their stay. We will provide you with a written daily record sheet on collection which will document your cat’s feeding times, amounts (if required) and staff member so you’ll know the dietary requirements were met. 

Drawbacks of some moist foods

Over the years we have seen the unfortunate negative side effects of cats being fed commercial/supermarket grade wet food. Invariable this is coated in either Jelly or Gravy. The coating usually contains a high percentage of sugar. This can lead to serious dental decay and gum disease. It can also result in your cats’ blood sugar levels spiking and dropping throughout the day.

So many clients have bemoaned the fact that their cat will beg or wait until they are given these foods, turning their nose up at dry food. From my own experience, I believe that giving your cat meat and fish, cooked or raw, as a treat or in combination with a high quality dry food is much better for them than commercial/supermarket grade wet food.

If you would like to stop feeding your cat wet food, their visit to Wicklow Pet Hotel is an ideal time to do this, as your cat will not be expecting wet food from us. Many cat owners have done that and their cats are now happy eating just dry food or a combination of dry and some tinned fish/meat or high quality (sugar free moist food). The dry food we use is so tasty that often cats staying who are given their own wet food and our dry food choose the dry over the wet.

If you like, you can add some gourmet fish or chicken (which we sell here at our online shop) to your bill. 

What goes in must come out!

Another drawback of using low grade food is that what you have to clean out of the litter tray is much smellier and larger than it would be if your cat was on dry food.

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