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Grooming your cat may be a necessity, if you have a long haired cat especially, or a simply a time for you and your cat to connect.

As a cat lover, I do try to get my own cats used to being brushed. In my experience, grooming is a great way to bond with your cat. It is also a way of checking your cat for any cuts, scrapes, lumps or skin conditions.

Many of our cat guests are very long haired. Keeping a very long haired cat’s coat knot free can be a seriously time consuming job. All too often a small knot forms and if not dealt with promptly it slowly becomes a bigger, tighter clump of matted hair. Mats on your cat, when they become very tight can cause discomfort and pull on the skin. If the mats are very dense and close to the skin the only solution is to cut them out with a pet clippers. In this case, most cats will not tolerate being held and clipped so you will need to bring them to their vet who will sedate them before shaving off the mats.

For this reason we are happy to offer a grooming upkeep service here at Wicklow Pet Hotel. If your cat needs regular grooming to maintain the work you do we will keep this going while they are staying with us. Depending on the time required we will add a fee to cover this service onto your bill. Please contact us for a quote or discuss this with us prior to your cat’s stay. If your cat has tight knots and is happy to be clipped we will try this, if your cat is distressed however we will not. Again we can discuss options prior to your cat’s stay.

If your short-haired cat is used to being groomed and you would like to include some brushing or combing sessions into their stay we will be happy to give you a quote.

We have a wide selection of cat grooming items for sale here at our online pet shop. If you are interested in any of these please let us know.

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