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As well as your cat having a lovely time during their stay with us we are very careful in doing our best that your cat’s health and wellbeing is nurtured. 


All cats coming to stay with us must have been fully vaccinated. Once a cat receives their initial two vaccinations they should be vaccinated each year with a booster shot.

Vaccination card – from your vet showing the date of your cat’s annual booster vaccinations, or, if you have a kitten, showing their completed kitten vaccinations. We will make a note on your cat’s profile on our booking system of the date of vaccinations and give it back to you.
Which Vaccination?

Cats – annual booster, all must have been administered at least 3 days before check in date All cats need to be vaccinated against feline panleucopenia virus, calicivirus (FCV) and feline herpes  virus type 1 (FHV1) eg Novibac Tricat vaccine. If your cat goes outside, or lives with cats who go outside  it should be vaccinated against feline leukaemia virus FeLV. As all cats who stay at Wicklow Pet Hotel  have access to the outdoors we recommend that all cats, even those who are indoor cats at home be  vaccinated against FeLV. 

Flea, Ticks and worm prevention. 

All pets must have been treated for flea/tick prevention and for worms within two weeks of check in  date. If, during your pets stay, it is believed that they need to be treated for fleas/ticks or worms this will  be carried out and the cost of such treatment added to owner’s bill. 

Flea and worm prevention

All cats coming to stay should have been treated for flea and worm prevention prior to arrival. If you keep a note of the date we will record it on your cats profile on our booking system. If your cat is here for a long stay, feel free to bring their monthly treatments and we will administer them on the date due.


We are very experienced in dealing with cats on medication. If your cat is taking medication we advise that you email or call prior to your cat’s stay. On busy mornings at check-in we may not have the same time and it’s important that we know all the details. If your cat is on tablets which you hide in food please bring some of the particular food your cat will eat (and not spit the tablet out!).

We are experienced minding cats who require medication by injection, like diabetes.

It is VERY important that you bring enough medication for your cat’s stay and enough for a few extra days just in case. There is no extra charge for the administration of daily medication. If an injection must be given there may be an extra daily change or one or two euro depending on the circumstances. Please contact us for a quote.

We will provide you with a written daily record sheet on collection that documents the medication given, at what time it was administered and by which staff member so you’ll be assured that your cat’s medical needs were attended to.

Veterinary care

If for some reason your cat requires veterinary care while they are staying at Wicklow Pet Hotel, we will ring you immediately and let you know. Whether we reach you or not,  we will bring your cat to our local vet or, if your cat is registered with a practice close to us we will bring them there. For full information please see our Terms and Conditions. (link to T&C document)

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