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Congratulations, if you’re reading this hopefully that means you have a new kitten or are thinking about getting one.  As cat owners ourselves, we love kittens coming to stay for holidays. Kittens are welcome once their primary vaccination programme is complete.

Our cattery is a wonderland of sights, sounds and smells for these curious cat babies. Kittens guided through a supervised process of gradually increasing their freedom to explore so their confidence is built up and they are not overwhelmed. Generally, that means expanding access to new areas of the cattery each day, allowing them to sniff and investigate, play and interact in their own time. It is heartwarming to see shy kittens build their confidence and thrive in our climbing tree and interactive gardens, encouraging their own instincts through play and curiousity. We have a huge selection of toys, tunnels and scratching areas that engage kittens in different types of play and stimulation that can be swapped and changed as kittens get bored or as we begin to identify their preferences.

We dedicate several sessions through each day to playing with kitten guests to encourage bonding and trust.  We have had guests from the age of 3 months that are now coming to us as older cats living their best retirement life. The relationship we share with this kitty guests has strengthened over the years.

Royal Canin dry kitten food is included for all under 1 year. If your kitten has special dietary needs or other food preferences, please bring along food for their stay.

Boy Kittens: Unneutered male kittens may not be scent marking at home because it is a familiar environment. However, they will invariably scent mark in a new setting. For this reason, we unfortunately do not accept unneutered male kittens.  


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