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Older cats deserve extra special care in their retirement years and are very welcome at Wicklow Pet Hotel. Ideally, cats will have been coming here for their whole lives, making the transition into retirement and its changes are seamless. We have cats coming to stay who came here first as kittens 12 years ago. As they aged our relationship with them grew. As they develop minor, or major ailments we adapted their care to best suit their needs and temperament. 

Several of our standard suites and cabins have been adapted for our older guests.  These adaptations include lower sleeping areas, ladders  and adjustable heat lamps. Comfort reigns supreme for our retired guests, from the best in cozy quilts to snuggliest, softest duvets. We allow our older guests to set their own agenda for their stays.  Some might enjoy strolling through the gardens and lounging in the sun while others are most content to cuddle up and sleep. However they choose to spend their day, all receive one-to-one attention, regular well-being checks and of course, all the pets they want.

Many cats are on prescription foods or are unable to dry foods due to dental decay.  Please let us know about your cat’s special dietary needs and bring along the food required.  If you prefer, we provide a selection of gourmet moist cat food and treats to choose from. These are available in our reception area. We will then add the selection onto your bill. We will also let you know which ones your cat liked best.

Older cats who experience joint pain or stiffness may benefit from the joint care products available in our shop.

All cats reach a stage that the kindest thing to do is have someone come to mind them in their own home, such as cats who are incontinent.

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