Our standard suites are housed in two buildings next to the house. Each has five rooms, with individual indoor and outdoor areas.

Each cosy room has a number of raised beds. Duvets, igloos, and soft fleece blankets are all provided, as are cushions, curtains, and cat-inspired artwork.

All indoor sleeping areas are heated 24 hours per day during the colder months and just at night during the warmer months.

We use wood pellets in our litter trays which are 100% biodegradable and therefore better for the environment than other litters.

Each has a private, secure outdoor area accessed through a cat flap which remains open all the time, allowing your cat the freedom to go in or out at their leisure. 

The outdoor space has a ladder, branches, logs, and a raised platform for catnapping, playing, or watching the world go by.

Classical music is played throughout the day which has been shown to have a calming effect on animals and humans alike.

Royal Canin dry food is included in the price of your cat’s stay. We use Exigent Savour Sensation for fussy eaters. Fresh, clean water is always on hand and of course, cuddles, pets and friendly banter come as standard.

In addition to their private outdoor area, each kitty guest has time to run, explore and roam in our two secure exercise gardens each day. One has a large tree while the other is a garden with branches and bridges which looks onto our front garden.


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