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Booking and Room Rates

Normal Rates

Category WeightRate Per Day
0 > 6kg€18
6 > 14kg€19
14 > 22kg€20
22kg & over€21

Peak Season Rates

Category WeightRate Per Day
0 > 6kg€22
6 > 14kg€23
14 > 22kg€24
22kg & over€25

Important Information

> Best value is to check in and out at 10am. We insist on sticking to these times as our schedule is built around routine and enjoyment for our guests. If you are late, you will unfortunately have to come back at our next check in time.  

> The daily rate is for a 24 hour period from 10am – 10am. If you check out at 10am, there is no charge for that day. However if you wish to check out at 6pm an extra daily charge applies.

> We do not open on Sunday mornings. A half day rate will apply if you check in at 6pm on a Sunday as there is no option to check in at 10am.

> Peak Season: 1st June – 31st August,  20th Dec – 6th January and all Bank Holiday weekends (Friday to Monday inclusive).

> Minimum stay during Peak Season is 3 days.

> Christmas Stays – all guests must be checked in by 10am on the 23rd December. We do not have any check-in or out on the 24th and 25th December. We re-open again at 10am on the 26th.

>Two or more dogs from the same family: €4 off the daily rate. E.G. a maltipoo (category 1) €18 and a cockapoo (category 2) €19=€37; deduct €4=Daily rate of €33. For the daily rate for three or more dogs, please contact us.


Booking, Payment & Cancellation Policies

Please book in via our website. For your dog’s first stay, you will be requested to create an account. Once created you will be able to check booking details, payment history, vaccination history and request changes to bookings. Please try to upload a photo of your dog when you create the account as we print a guest profile before your car arrives and it’s great to have the photo included.


When you receive your booking confirmation email you will be asked to pay 30% deposit to secure your desired dates. We use the Stripe payment system. The payment link will be at the end of the email. If you do not wish to go ahead with the booking you don’t need to do anything, as it will automatically cancel off the system after 3 days. Please note that if you do not pay our deposit within the three days the dates you requested may not be available again.

Cancellation Policy

You may have paid 30% deposit when you confirm this booking. If your booking is during our Peak Season it must be cancelled 28 days before check in date to receive a refund.
During Off Peak times you must cancel 14 days before check in date to receive a refund. Please get in touch today if you need to cancel.

Paying the balance

After your dog has been checked in for their staycation, we will send you the same email with the balance amount on the payment link. Added to this will be any luxury options you have requested such as gourmet food or grooming. We request that payment is made before your dog is checked out. You may also pay here at pick-up with cash or card.


If you would like any products for sale in our online pet store they can be added to your bill and collected at check-in or check-out.

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