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How do I know if my dog will sUITED TO wICKLOW pET HOTEL?

Not all guests are suited to our free play socialisation model.  If your canine companion attends daycare or regularly mixes off-lead with other dogs, he/she will probably adapt quite well.  However, barking or seeming unsettled around other dogs while on a lead is no indication that he/she won’t be suited to our model.  We will usually ask that new potential guests come for an overnight trial, especially if you are planning a long stay or booking during peak season.   It really is the best way for us all to ensure that this is an environment in which your dog feels relaxed and happy.

We will need to see that vaccinations are up to date, so please bring your vaccination card for your first stay and following annual boosters. We will update your profile on our booking system and return the card to you. We also encourage you to bring something that smells of home, like an old t-shirt or blanket that your pet likes to sleep on. If they do not typically have items such as these, it is a good idea to put something into their bed about a week before they come. The familiar smell will be a comfort and help them settle in. Finally, all guest must have collars that fit well, even if they would not typically wear one at home. If you can slide your index and middle finger between the collar and neck snuggly, the collar is fitted properly. If there is a gap, the collar is too loose. If your two fingers can’t fit without force, the collar is too tight.

We are well stocked with food and water bowls, toys, mattresses and vetbed for all our guests. Personal items such as those can become damaged or mislaid during the course of a busy day of play and are best left home.  When checking in, we will trade one of our leads for your own.  Your lead and harness, if used, will be returned to you for ease when collecting.


We have a ‘Back to Bed Gang’ especially for our older guests.  These dogs are often stay on the lower lawn closer to the house and office away from the busier play areas and they return to bed for naps frequently. Please see our section on the ‘Back to Bed Gang’ for more details

can wicklow pet hotel accommodate puppies?

Your puppy is more than welcome at Wicklow Pet Hotel once they have finished their primary course of vaccinations. It is a good idea to start socialising them early. Please see our section on Puppies for more information.

Can wicklow pet hotel accommodate dogs on medication/dogs with medical conditions?

If your dog requires special attention or medication, please contact us to discuss your options.  All our staff is experienced in administering a range of medications for a variety of conditions.  All medications will be properly stored and dispensed per your instructions.  This is documented and will be provided to you on collection.

can wicklow pet hotel accommodate dogs on special diets?

Royal Canin food is included in your booking, but we are happy to accommodate any special diets or foods that our guests require, whether raw food, gluten free or anti-allergy.  Simply bring along your preferred food when you drop off and let us know how much and how often.  If a specific amount is required, please bring along a marked measuring cup.  Our space is limited, especially during peak times, so please give us only what will be needed for the stay.

what about fussy eaters?

Our team is dedicated to making each stay as relaxed and comfortable we can.  We take the time to get to know each personality and temperament.  If your dog requires extra encouragement or a has a little routine which is particular their mealtime, let us know.  During our 12 years in business, we’ve seen and done everything to accommodate the fussiest eaters imaginable. Whether he/she prefers to eat alone, in a group, from a bowl, off the floor, from our hands, outside, inside, on the counter, at our feet or even while we chat, you can rest assured that your canine companion is getting the dietary consideration they require.

how do i know if my dog has an eye infection?

Many dogs have watery or runny eyes. However, if you notice redness, swelling, mucus or yellow/green discharge, your dog may have an eye infection which will need to treated before checking in. Please see our section on eye health for more information.

Are there drawbacks to free socialisation?

By their nature, dogs are social animals and it is a good idea to encourage this as early as possible. By leaving your dog at Wicklow Pet Hotel, it is deemed that you are fully aware and accept that all dogs staying are mixed together for socialisation and play. Although dogs are supervised while  playing together, dogs may suffer nicks and scratches. Minor nicks or cuts will be dealt with by staff, who are qualified in Canine First Aid. 

The practice of mixing dogs together does not suit all dogs. If any dog displays aggression, or are  deemed not suitable to partake in our socialisation you will be informed at check out and unfortunately  they will not be permitted to stay in the future. Wicklow Pet Hotel does not permit any breed of dog on  the restricted breed list as per Control of dogs Regulation 1998 and any un-neutered adult male dogs  to be boarded. 

Infections and illnesses spread easily between dogs freely mixing. It is vital for the health and safety of all our guests that your dog is fully vaccinated, treated for worms/fleas and healthy at check in. Please see our section on health and our Terms and Conditions for more information.


If you would like any of the luxury extras please let us know at the check-in.

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