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Here at Wicklow Pet Hotel we believe that to have a stress-free holiday, both you and your furry friend need to feel reassured and comfortable with the arrangement. This is achieved by a few things. Your dog coming for an overnight stay if necessary, having a chat with us on the phone and watching our virtual tour videos, or you and your dog coming for a visit. So, your dog coming to stay is based on us building a relationship between us, your dog and you the owner.

Experience has shown that doggies who come to stay regularly remember the positive experience and are happy each time they check in.

If dogs go longer than 4-5 months without a visit they often seem to have forgotten and may not settle in as well as they did previously. We saw this a lot during the summer and autumn of 2020, when many of our normally regular guests took longer to settle than usual. 

We strongly encourage you to bring our dog for a short stay, even one overnight, every 4 months.

Guests who keep up this plan are given priority during busy times.

If your dog normally comes just for their summer holiday and not during the year, in future we may not accept them as it can take these dogs’ days to settle in. This is unfair on the dog.

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