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Congratulations! If you are reading this hopefully you have a new puppy or are thinking about getting one. It is an extremely exciting (but can be daunting) time. There is so much information available online about the many ways to train your puppy, how to integrate them into your family, and introduce them to your other pets.

Puppies learn quickly in this environment. They learn that if they approach a dog who doesn’t want to play, because they are tired, too old, or simply too cool that they should find someone who does want to play. It is fascinating to see all the puppies and younger dogs gravitating towards each other. They play group games just like children do. One will be ‘on’ and everyone else chase. One will have a teddy and run, followed by everyone else. Puppies learn to play fight and wrestle in a safe environment. Learning to read body language is key. Our regular guests are so clued in they enjoy off lead walks on beaches and parks with their owners, meeting dogs without any problem.

We recommend that your puppy come for an overnight stay once their vaccination programme is complete. Remember to make sure they get the vaccine for Canine (kennel) cough too. After their first stay, if it went well we request that you bring your puppy once every 5-6 weeks for an overnight. They would then be classed as a Priority Guests (link to PG). We have an information guide we will email when we confirm your booking, setting our all you need to know about what to bring etc.

Young puppies are still terribly busy growing and need more sleep than adults. All puppies are given extra naps. This may be in their chalet with a roommate or in a bed in our grooming room, we know puppies like company so we make sure they get their naps feeling reassured and comfortable.

Puppy Food

We use Royal Canin puppy food. If your puppy eats a different brand or has a fussy tummy it is best to bring their own food for their first stay.

Puppy Grooming

Wicklow Pet Hotel have a grooming service for our guests. Any groomer will tell you that it’s essential to introduce your puppy to the grooming process when they are young. So, we will sit your puppy on the grooming table and give them a brush, for just a few minutes during each stay. We can then clip their nails if needed. We can give them a wash and blow-dry before they check out too. Grooming services can be booked prior to arrival.

For us, the most important thing if you want your puppy to come for their holidays at Wicklow Pet Hotel is to start that process when they are young. Puppies need to learn early how to play with other dogs. Bringing your puppy for short stays gives them an amazing opportunity to experience the joy of playing off lead while under the watchful eye of our experienced team. Each puppy is different with different levels of confidence. Rest assured your puppy will get lots of loving and cuddles as well as gentle encouragement to make friends and explore the hotel play areas. 


In our experience puppies can be upset the first night they are away from home if they are on their own in one of our chalets, even if they have their favourite toy and blanket. So, during your puppy’s first day we see who they make friends with and pair them up with this dog. The roommate dog would always be a dog who we know very well and are certain that they will be a good fit for a puppy. Often, we could have four or five puppies here at the same time, so three may share a large chalet. We give them lots of teddies and chewy toys to keep them busy if they wake. Because the guests here have lots of time outdoor playing, they are hungry and tired by afternoon nap time and bedtime. So, after eating they sleep soundly and learn quickly that everyone else is asleep too so they aren’t missing anything. It is best, if possible, to bring your puppy for their first stay at 10am so they experience the afternoon nap time and not just bedtime, which is the case if they arrive at 6pm.

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