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The Back To Bed Gang

Our older doggies deserve extra special care in their retirement years. Older dogs are very welcome at Wicklow Pet Hotel, but ideally when dogs have been coming here for their whole lives the transition into retirement and its changes are seamless. We have dogs coming to stay who came here first as puppies 13 years ago. As they aged our relationship with them grew. As they develop minor, or major ailments we adapted their care to best suit their needs and temperament. Once dogs reach a certain age or activity level, they become members of the Back to Bed Gang.

Essentially this means that they have several shorter breaks outside than their younger more active cousins. Older dogs often spend time in our kitchen area keeping an eye on things. They feel at home curled up in a bed beside the dishwasher as we get through our jobs.

They also like to hang out down at the house away from the busier play areas.

Sometimes, they are snuck into the office and reception to help out and supervise the admin jobs.

If you have an older dog who has many medical needs Wicklow Pet Hotel may not be suitable for them.

Older dogs who experiences joint pain or stiffness may benefit from joint care products available in our shop. 

All dogs reach a stage that the kindest thing to do is have someone come to mind them in their own home such as dogs who are incontinent.

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