NEW Block booking for summer peak season 

The cattery is filling up fast for Summer 2022. Due to unprecedented demand, we are implementing a block booking system during Summer Peak Season (1 June-31 August). Suites and cabins must be booked for a minimum of 4 days mid-week (Mon 10am-Fri 10am) or 3 days weekend (Fri 10am-Mon 10am). Bank holidays must be block booked Fri 10am-Tues 10am. The booking calendar is set to only accept check-in and check-out on Monday and Friday from 1 June to 31 August. If you try to book for any other day, no availability will be shown. 

Longer stays will need to adhere to the same block booking days and times. For example:


1. If you are going away for a week beginning on a Saturday, your cat’s space  will need to be block booked from 10am Friday morning until Monday 10am the following week.


2. If you are going away for the weekend beginning on Thursday, your cat’s space will need to be booked from Monday 10am until the following Monday 10am.
3. Bank Holiday Weekend stays will need to be block booked from Friday 10am until Tuesday 10am. Midweek stays following a bank holiday can be booked from Tuesday 10am until Friday 10am.

4. Longer stays will need to adhere to the same block booking days and times. If your holidays are to begin on Tuesday 14 June until Wednesday 29 June, your cat’s space will need to be booked from Monday 15 June 10am until Friday 1 July.

We will continue to open at 10am and 6pm daily, Sundays at 6pm only, if the later check in/out time suits you better, BUT the daily rate from 10am to 10am will still apply.
We understand that this block booking procedure may not suit all clients, but with only 14 spaces available, it is necessary in order to welcome as many of our feline guests as possible.
We know that many people will be booking holidays soon, so we wanted to notify you of these changes in order to facilitate your holiday planning.
We look forward to welcoming you and your feline family members soon,
Karen and the WPH Team


Having decided to focus on improving our cattery, we are winding down our online shop.
All products are now 50% off.
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