PAWS-itive Change


For the small dog conscious of their environmental pawprint.

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Climate change affects us all, even our furry friends.
Here at Wicklow Pet Hotel, we are committed to going green and we are always looking at innovative ways we can improve our impact on the environment. At the moment we use sustainable products whenever possible, and for our online pet store, we have gathered together the newest and best products made from sustainable, recycled materials.

We are the first in Ireland to stock Project Blu’s sustainable and affordable pet range. We are also the largest Irish stockist of Beco’s environmentally-friendly cat and dog items and we stock all of Ancol’s new eco-friendly range.
We use and re-use recyclable packaging too so you may receive your purchases in a cardboard box that is living its best life and traveling around the country…again!
By making small changes throughout our lives, we can all start to make a difference.

Presented in a beautiful large basket that can be used and reused in your home for years before being allowed to break down naturally, the PAWS-itive Change hamper is a great Beco starter pack for starting down the path of greener pet care, curated with the smaller dog in mind. Beco is committed to eco-conscious packaging and manufacturing to reduce their carbon footprint. They source as locally as possible to their factories to keep down road miles and they support sustainable initiatives and innovation.

The PAWS-itive Change includes:

  • A large woven seagrass hamper with a hinged lid is easily suited to any interior and can be used for a variety of storage or display purposes throughout the home. Seagrass is a renewable, naturally ‘green’ fibre which is both stain-resistant and durable.
  • A Beco classic sustainable bamboo bowl in a neutral colour to suit any interior.
  • A Beco BPA-free silicone can cover in blue to keep food fresh. Dishwasher-safe and suitable for most 400g cans.
  • A Beco sustainable bamboo spork in blue. Its long handle makes it perfect for mashing or scooping wet food or for mixing. The vibrant colour comes from natural food dyes.
  • A Beco Recycled parrot. Lucy is 100% recycled post-consumer plastic that might otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. The strong material is hardy enough for playtime but soft enough for a relaxing cuddle.
  • A Beco double-knot hemp rope for independent or interactive play. Hemp is a densely growing crop produced through low-impact farming. The hemp fibre helps clean teeth during play.
  • A Beco 100% natural rubber ball that’s great for chasing and has a hole for treats. Sustainably tapped from tree trunks, rubber is strong with great elasticity ideal for a dog’s play.
  • A Beco sustainable bamboo poo bag dispenser. Tough and durable for even the most energetic walks, it can attach to any lead, strap, or belt via its versatile bungee system.
  • A pack of 60 Beco poo bags made from compostable cornstarch.


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