PAWsome Kitten Toy Box


Your kitten’s new favourite toy is in this box!

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Playtime stimulates your kitten’s natural instincts for stalking and hunting while providing great mental and physical exercise.

Here at Wicklow Pet Hotel, we have spent years playing with cats and learning what types of toys appeal to them most. This is our top toy selection as it provides a range of toys in different textures and shapes that stimulate a variety of playtime activities.

We’re sure your kitten will love what’s inside. We’re equally sure that you’ll love the box itself. A large wooden box with a natural oak finish that comes with a snug-fitting lid and an adorable heart cutout, the possibility for use around your home are endless.

The PAWsome Kitten Toy Box includes:

  • A large wooden box with a natural finish, snug-fitting lid, and heart cutout detail.A collapsible tunnel perfect for hide and seek, with a hanging ball toy for batting.
  • A sisal covered toy for clawing.
  • A set of three classic balls for chasing.
  • A colourful polka dot mouse and a plush furry mouse for stalking and pouncing.
  • A set of three corduroy toys (heart, mouse, and flower) with bells and ribbons to stimulate play.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 19 cm

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