PPP Pet Aroma Care Eucalyptus Spray

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AromaCare Revitalizing Eucalyptus Spray infused with natural essential oils for ‘just-washed’ freshness in between baths.

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Aromacare Revitalizing Eucalyptus Spray cools and invigorates. This luxurious spray is infused with the natural essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon grass, and fir needle which together provide a ‘just washed’ freshness between baths. Perfect for everyday use and special occasions.
Suitable for Dogs and Puppies
Throughout history people have used aromatic oils and botanical extracts for healing,relieving stress and fragrance. Here are the therapeutic qualities of some of the key ingredients of our freshening spray:

Eucalyptus – Cooling and Refreshing
Lemon Grass – Energizing, invigorating and a natural deodorizer
Fir Needle Oil – Uplifting and a coat freshener


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