Spa Day Pamper Hamper


Everything you need to pamper your pooch when you can’t make it to the groomers.

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It’s not always possible to make it into the groomers when our beloved furbabies need to be freshened up-other commitments, life, global pandemics get in the way.
We’ve chosen a ‘must-have’ range of Christie’s Groom Professional products for you to use at home to keep dogs tidy and fresh smelling between visits.

Presented in our large wooden toy box, a beautiful addition to any dog-loving home, the Spa Day Pamper Hamper has everything you need for a spa day at home.

Included in the Spa Day Pamper Hamper:

  • Our beautiful wooden open-top toy box with a natural oak finish and cut out pawprints on each side. A perfect addition to any dog-loving family, toys can be tidied away but always to hand.
  • Groom Professional Concentrated Pet Shampoo in Berry Blast fragrance. Berry Blast shampoo contains blackberry and raspberry extracts to remove dirt, break down odours, help maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin and add a deep clean shine. Blackberry extracts also have anti-aging properties which can help keep the skin and coat soft. Concentrated 10:1 dilution rate.
  • Groom Professional Concentrated Coat Repair Conditioner in clean cotton fragrance. This is the ideal hair strengthening conditioner for use on brittle, lifeless coats. It repairs split ends, prevents hair breakage and detangles. Coat Repair conditioner leaves beautiful soft coat with deep condition and shine. Concentrated 10:1 dilution rate.
  • Two mixing bottles for shampoo and conditioner dilution. Each comes clearly marked with water to concentrate ratio for easy mixing.
  • Groom Professional Medium Ball Pin Slicker Brush with soft pad ideal for sensitive skin and puppies. Frequent brushing is crucial for all coat types to clear loose hairs and improve coat condition.
  • Groom Professional Classic Medium Tooth Comb which fluffs up coats and helps prevent matts.
  • Groom Professional Medio 6″ Safety Scissors with offset handles and rounded tip. Ideal for students or home users.
  • Groom Professional Small Nail Clippers made from toughened stainless steel, with removable guard and safety lock. Ideal for small pets and easy to use at home.
  • Nail Safe Styptic Powder to control bleeding due to minor cuts or nail clipping. Even the most experienced hand sometimes slips. Rest assured that your dog only experiences slight sting and the styptic powder controls the bleeding.
  • Groom Professional Baby Fresh Cologne Spray for that familiar baby powder smell. Contains chamomile to help sooth the skin.
  • Pet Care Microfibre Towel to dramatically reduce drying time. Suitable for machine washing tumble drying.
  • Groom Professional Grooming Gloves, great for massaging and deep down cleaning.

1 review for Spa Day Pamper Hamper

  1. Alisond (verified owner)

    Gorgeous luxurious products for my dog and the crate is great for holding dog toys. I found this excellent value for money with no compromise on quality of products . My Chi looks and smells great after his pampering

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