Ruff and Tumble Design Collection Dog Drying Coat

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The new Design Collection from Ruff and Tumble-the same great drying capability but with a fashionable twist!

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Ruff and Tumble dog drying coats use a signature double layer of natural cotton towelling with a high density loop. This means maximum surface area on the inside layer for wicking the moisture away from your dog’s coat. Your dog’s own body heat then pushes the moisture through to the outer layer, ensuring that your dog isn’t sitting in a cold, damp coat. Ruff and Tumble drying coats have a long adjustable hood/collar for drying soggy ears and an extra long fit for maximum body coverage. A super wide belly flap and strong, adjustable velcro closures ensure maximum comfort for your dog and ease of fitting for you. Finished off with smart durable webbing tape to prevent fraying and easily washable, the Ruff and Tumble are also great for calming anxious dogs. Simply slip the coat over your dog neck, fasten around the belly and neck and your job is done.

Sizing Guide

Sizes are adjustable via a towelling ‘belly flap’, simply adjusted with Velcro straps. To determine the right size for your dog, you need to know your dog’s weight and ‘topline’ (the topline is measured from the shoulder blades to the start of the tail).

Weight is the most accurate measurement

All weights and breeds shown are guidelines only. There are always exceptions to the rule.

For help and sizing advice please call us.

Specialist sizes for DM Dachshund Miniature, DS Dachshund Standard and DT Dachshund ‘Tweenie’ (inbetween miniature and standard) feature a cut out shoulder enabling the dog to walk without the worry of tripping.

XXXS 1kg – 3kg 19cm – 22cm Smallest Chihuahuas
XXS 3kg – 5kg 22cm – 28cm Tea cup Yorkies
Miniature Pinschers
XS 5kg – 7kg 28cm – 35cm Small Terriers
Toy Breeds
Small Jack Russells
Small Border Terriers
Small Bichon Frise
S 7kg – 11kg 35cm – 41cm Most Terriers
Border Terriers
Lhasa Apso
Shih Tzu
Small Cockapoos
Small KC Cavalier Spaniels
Small French Bulldog
Miniature Snauzher
Boston Terrier
M 11kg – 15kg 41cm – 49cm Cocker Spaniels
Tibetan Terriers
Small Staffies
KC Cavalier Spaniels
Large Ffrench Bulldog
Miniature Bull Terrier
M/L 15kg – 22kg 49cm – 57cm Springer Spaniels
Small Border Collies
Small Bearded Collies
Big Staffies
Small British Bulldogs
Bull terrier
L 22kg – 29kg 57cm – 67cm Labradors
Small Retrievers
Bearded Collies
Border Collies
XL 29kg – 40kg 64cm – 72cm Large Labradors
Golden Retrievers
Large Pointers
German Shepherds
Large Labradoodles
Flat Coat Retrievers
Standard Poodle
GSD 30kg – 50kg 72cm – 84cm Large German Shepherds
Large Golden Retreivers
Large Setters
Large Greyhounds
Large Flat Coat Retrievers
Large Rotweillers
MOUNTAIN DOG 50kg – 80kg 81cm – 95cm Bernese Mountain Dogs
Great Danes
Irish Wolfhounds
St Bernards
GIANT MOUNTAIN DOG 80kg – 120kg 95cm – 115cm Very Large Great Danes
Irish Wolfhounds
St Bernards
Also Small Ponies

Short Legged Breeds

DACHSHUND MINI 4kg – 7kg 30cm – 36cm Miniature Dachshund
DACHSHUND TWEENIE 7kg – 11kg 36cm – 46cm Tweenie Dachshund
(inbetween the DM & DS)
DACHSHUND STANDARD 11kg – 14kg 47cm – 56cm Standard Dachshund
BASSET HOUND SMALL 18kg – 28kg 56cm – 66cm Small Basset Hound
BASSET HOUND LARGE 28kg – 38kg 66cm – 68cm Large Basset Hound

3 reviews for Ruff and Tumble Design Collection Dog Drying Coat

  1. Claire Jenkinson (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous, my god child received one from me for her miniature schnauzer who loves to provide ‘help’ in the garden, loves to get mucky and exclaims that she can sit on her family’s beige fabric couch in her Ruff and Tumble coat! Her owner Age 12 was delighted that she’s sporting a Robbie in Blackrock Co Dublin. These are fabulous costs, fashionable and oh so functional.. my only regret is I have 4 cats so can’t indulge but I can buy for all my dog friends!

  2. Emma Flood

    My dogs love swimming all year round and are then freezing afterwards so I bought these robes to put on in the car on the way home. They are dry in no time and it also stops my car being covered in sand after they’ve had a roll on the beach! The robes are also great for those colder evenings and after a groom when they are a bit chilly. The colours are just gorgeous

  3. Louise o connor

    If your dog loves the water they will love this coat. Beautiful soft material in trendy colours. Keeps dog warm when wet and helps them to dry quickly

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