Your cat's day at Wicklow Pet Hotel

We have a dedicated member of our team overseeing the cat guests here at the hotel. Wake up call is usually 7.30-8am depending on the time of the year. The cats are usually already all out in their outdoor spaces much earlier (as the cattery is built onto one side of the house our wake up call is usually chattering kitties waking with the birds). 

All cats are greeted, with chats and some serious ear scratching first thing. Lyric FM is played on the radios. The beds are made, floors swept and litter trays refreshed. Then breakfast is served along with fresh cold water. Cats are allowed out one at a time (or together if they are from the same family) to the garden areas. All the cats love to come out and have a stroll around the corridors too, checking in with the other guests, catching up on the news and welcoming new guests.

At 9.30 am those cats who are checking out at 10 am get organised. Carriers are prepared and their cases packed (if they brought their own toys, blanket, or extra food). After the 10 am arrivals and departures all the cats are checked on again. Litter trays refreshed and the cats who haven’t been out to the gardens yet get their turn. During this time, we take photos and videos to keep the human-cat servants up to date. The morning work in the cattery finishes at lunchtime. Cats all seem to be on the same routine, their afternoons are spent snoozing, either curled up in bed or soaking up the elusive sunshine outside.

The evening routine is similar to mornings. We have arrivals and departures at 6 pm. After that everyone is more chilled and relaxed as they begin to wind down. We spend a lot of time cleaning the outdoor areas each day so this often takes place in the late afternoons and evenings. Everyone is fed again, litters refreshed and water replaced. Music is switched off and all cats have one-to-one time and chats. Bedtime is usually from 9.30-10 pm.


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