Your Kitty's first stay

As cat lovers ourselves, we know how tough it can be deciding to leave your feline family member in someone else’s care. We can assure you that your cat will receive the best care here at Wicklow Pet Hotel.


To help you feel reassured, we offer a structured procedure including Viewings, chats to learn about your cat’s personality and information about what your cat will experience during a stay with us.


In accordance with social distancing guidelines, we are unable to offer viewing appointments at this time. Please check our virtual tour in the video below:


Choosing a home away from home for your furry feline family member is a big decision. Believe me, I once drove away from kennels and cattery crying with frustration that I hadn’t checked it out first or had some other option. I then spent the entire weekend fretting. It’s especially difficult if it’s the first time your cat has been away from home. Hence, we encourage every cat owner to give themselves plenty of time to research all cat minding/boarding options. It’s important, if you have time, to visit any pet hotel or cattery that you think might suit your kitty.

Viewing appointments are offered on weekday and Saturday mornings, usually between 10.30 am and 12 midday. We do not usually offer viewing appointments during Peak Season. Our Cattery books up quickly for peak season so we advise anyone interested in booking to arrange a viewing well in advance. You will be given a time slot of 30 mins. Please note we often have three viewings booked back to back so it is important that you arrive on time.

Children are welcome. It is very important if children are worried about leaving their furry friend that they feel reassured that their kitty is going on holiday too. While you are away the social media updates also work wonders for an anxious child.

We have a fabulous Gaggia fresh coffee machine. Chatting about your cat’s holiday is always more enjoyable having a cup of tea or coffee. If you think of it, bring along a reusable cup, but don’t worry if you forget, you still get coffee!

It’s natural to have concerns about leaving your cat in someone else’s care, especially if it’s their first time away from home. The viewing appointment is an ideal time to chat to us about any worries you have, big or small. Every cat has a unique personality and habits. We love being told what your cat likes and dislikes-whether they like to be petted or not if they enjoy being brushed, love ear scratching, or purr for chin rubs. Please be sure to tell us if your cat does not like to be petted, or lifted. We understand that lots of cats don’t but it’s very important that we are aware of that. We have rescued many cats over the years and know that lots of cats can live happy, content lives in homes while still being semi-feral.

While we love to welcome clients for viewings, it is not a requirement before booking. If you wish to book you can do that here. When you bring your cat for the first time, we will ask you to fill in a detailed form which will be kept on file, so any information you need to give us will be captured then.


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